Saturday, June 30, 2007

Chosen Few

Starting a blog titled as it is, "acromegalic princess," is a declaration of what I am. An acromegalic who happens to go by that name--princess. With a bit of hesitation, I've created this blog to identify with the "chosen few" who are clueless as to the cause of a rare disease said to afflict only 3-4 persons in a million per year.

Knowing that although there are very few of us acromegalics out there, finding people on the web who are such and who are very open about their experiences, somehow has tamed the initial scare I got from tons of medical information my first google search turned up.

Credits go to Alecia ( for the inspiration that got me started on this. Thanks, Alecia! I easily identified with your blog posts--most of which moved me to tears, especially the letter that you wrote for your husband before your surgery.

With an open mind and an open heart, I would like to believe that I am on the track of coming to terms with acromegaly. Thanks to you, guys!

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Alecia E. said...

So glad we're in touch now. I wish you only the best on this journey...but if it turns out to be not so great you know that you are not alone! There are others who understand what you're going thru!