Sunday, July 1, 2007

My GH Levels

Below are my GH levels. Presurgery, my random GH was 22.8 and after a 75g glucose load, it remained fairly the same at 20.85.
Postsurgery, on the three tests made on different dates, my GH could still not be suppressed to <1 be="" br="" considered="" ideal="" in="" is="" level="" ml="" ng="" remission.="" the="" to="" which="">

Note: Surgery was done on 1 Feb 2007.

My IGF levels:
Presurgery = 214 ng/ml (normal)
Postsurgery = 370 ng/ml (normal range for 31-35 yrs female is 115-307)
Ironically, it was normal presurgery but increased quite significantly postsurgery.

Histopath findings: + GH and + Prolactin

All other hormones (prolactin, cortisol, FSH, LH, T4 and TSH) were normal before and after surgery.


polarchip said...

I always wonder where doctors get their numbers for "normal." How many people were in the study? What age, what ethnicity? How wide should the range be??

Also, I read that GH levels vary throughout the day, so they're not a good indicator. The IGF and glucose tolerance tests are supposed to be the real indicators.

Alecia E. said...

That is ironic that your IGF-1 level was normal before. it was VERY normal and then to see the big increase afterwards...strange.

My situation presurgery was a little similar in that my first IGF-1 was normal. The second draw was high (abnormal) and a third draw was high-normal.

Funny thing, my first IGF-1 draw was "lost" (but mysteriously turned up later) and so they had to redraw my blood. Because the second one was abnormal they went ahead with the GH supression test. Good thing the lost the first test! HA HA. Of course they would have found out I had acromegaly by the pathology report of the tumor even if the testing had stopped at IGF-1.

Your page is looking very nice. Lots of great information!!

polarchip said...

How was your latest Endo appt?

Starbucks Addict said...

That's odd on the IGF-1. At least the GH is still low. Mine was sitting at 1.4 last check.